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VIEW: An Assessment of Problem Solving Style is available for purchase and use by qualified professionals. Qualified VIEW Users have been trained in the application, feedback, and administration of VIEW. Training can be obtained through the Creative Problem Solving Group, Inc. in Orchard Park, NY, through the Center for Creative Learning, Inc. in Sarasota, FL, through O2c2 Consulting Group in Brussels, or through Andy Wilkins, a partner with Perspectiv in London. These organizations offer training several times throughout the year. A customized program for a group can also be arranged through any of these trainers. In addition, VIEW training can be offered to individuals via a distance learning program.

Please visit the Contact Us page to receive more information.


To be able to take VIEW, you must receive login information from a Qualified VIEW User. If you have misplaced your login information, please fill out the Contact Us Form with your organization’s name and you should receive a response within 24 hours.

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Use VIEW in Research

If you are interested in using VIEW in your research, please download and read the PDF below: VIEW Call For Research. Once you have decided to use VIEW in research, please complete the Contact Us page with the degree you are pursing, the university in which you are studying and the topic of your research.

VIEW Call for Research