The forces of change, complexity, and competition face all organizations and demand faster, better, and cheaper ways to produce innovative results. VIEW: An Assessment of Problem Solving StyleSM can help:

Challenge individuals to better lever their styles and work beyond their preferences to produce required results.

“At Perspectiv, we find clients believe VIEW, can remember VIEW, can use VIEW every day, and can see the value in using VIEW.”

Andy Wilkins Partner in Perspectiv LLP

Build productive teams by helping people make valuable contributions to creative collaboration.

“After taking the VIEW assessment I have a whole new understanding of how I think and process information and make decisions. More importantly, I have a far better understanding of how others do as well. In my job, I have been able to leverage that knowledge to build high performing teams from strong individual performers.”

Scott Cramer Solutions Consulting

Improve productivity of cross-divisional or cross-cultural divisions and teams by establishing a common language and appreciation of diverse styles.

“... I am using VIEW in some coaching and training sessions. It is always very enriching and gives a good base to talk openly and safely about cooperation in the team.”

Annemie Simkens Consultant/Trainer

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